Patient Transport Services

Patient Transport Services

Sentinel Ambulance Service offers Patient Transport Services (PTS) to help people who need special support getting to and from their healthcare appointments.

Patient Transport Services Wheelchair
Patient Transport Services

Our Patient Transport Service is a non-emergency service that can provide transportation for a variety of needs, including:

  • Interhospital transport: This type of transport is used to move patients between hospitals for specialised care or follow-up appointments.
  • Medical repatriation: This type of transport is used to return patients to their home country after receiving medical care in another country.
  • Hospital to hospital transport: This type of transport is used to move patients to a different hospital for a procedure.

Our Patient Transport Services is staffed by experienced and compassionate drivers who are dedicated to providing safe and reliable transportation. We also offer a variety of other services, such as:

  • Assistance with boarding and disembarking the vehicle
  • Assistance with wheelchairs and other mobility devices
  • Provision of blankets and pillows
  • Provision of snacks and drinks on longer journeys.

To learn more about our Patient Transport Services or to schedule a ride, please contact us today. We are committed to helping you get to and from your healthcare appointments safely and comfortably.


Our Patient Transport Services (PTS) are committed to providing safe and reliable transportation for patients with limited mobility. We can provide support for patients who:

  • Use wheelchairs
  • Need assistance walking
  • Have difficulty breathing
  • Are on oxygen
  • Have other medical conditions that require special care

We have a variety of vehicles that are equipped to accommodate patients with limited mobility. Our vehicles include:

  • Wheelchair-accessible Ambulances
  • Stretcher-equipped Ambulances

Our PTS staff are trained to provide assistance to patients with limited mobility. They can help patients board and disembark the vehicle, transfer to a wheelchair, and provide other necessary assistance.

Carry Chair Mobility Services

In addition to our wheelchair-accessible vans, we also offer carry chair mobility services. This service is for patients who are unable to use a wheelchair or who need assistance negotiating steps or stairs. Our staff will use a carry chair to transport the patient to and from the vehicle.

Stretcher Services

We also offer stretcher services for patients who are unable to sit up or who need to be transported lying down. Our stretcher-equipped Ambulances are equipped with a ramp and winch that can be used to safely and easily transfer patients into the vehicle.

Our Patient Transport Staff

Our PTS staff are all highly trained and experienced. They are certified in first aid and Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation, and they are familiar with the needs of patients with limited mobility. They are also compassionate and dedicated to providing safe and reliable transportation for all of our patients.

We encourage you to reach out and explore the array of possibilities offered by our Patient Transport Services. Our team stands ready to address your enquiries, guiding you through the process and assisting in scheduling a transportation experience characterised by safety, dependability, and comfort. Your journey, no matter your mobility needs, is our priority.